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MT4Pro­fes­sional is an MT4 plugin that can be added to every local MT4, however it’s cloud based which means that all the MT4Pro­fes­sional config­u­ra­tions are safely stored in the cloud, so wherever you install MT4Pro­fes­sional plugin you will find all your config­u­ra­tions.
After you subscribe you will have access to the member area. On every page of the members area, you will find a link to "­Download ­Soft­ware". Simply click the button and download the software to your computer. Then follow the Instal­lation instruc­tions that you can find in the online docu­men­ta­tion.

Any MT4 broker will work. MT4Pro­fes­sional is not broker depen­dent and will work with any broker datafeed. All of the indicators work well with MT4Pro­fes­sional. In fact, the MT4Pro­fes­sional Scanner allows for full scanning capa­bil­ity using many indica­tors. Contact us to obtain more infor­ma­tion.

The dif­ference is in the number of MT4 accounts you can use at the same time on MT4Pro­fes­sional. Starting from the basic plan, you can use MT4Pro­fes­sional on 1 real MT4 account and 1 demo, to the platinum plan where you can use MT4Pro­fes­sional on 100 real accounts and 100 demo accounts. If you want to use the same account number on 2 dif­fer­ent comput­ers you need to have at least 2 MT4Pro­fes­sional accounts avail­able. Of course, you can change the MT4 account and/or computer linked to MT4Pro­fes­sional at any time.

Of course you can, the remaining amount of the previous plan will be prorated to the new plan.

The plans are auto­mat­i­cally renewed at every billing period. Of course you can cancel your subscrip­tions at anytime, and you will still have access to your membership features until your current subscription expires.
When you cancel, you won't lose your data, but you will lose the abil­ity to access your data and use it (for example, you cannot go to your saved snap­shots to view or share) and your software will be disabled after the end of the subscription peri­od.
You can renew your subscription at anytime.

You can try MT4Pro­fes­sional for free for 14 days, you won't be charged during this period. When you start the trial your credit card is required to provide you with a seamless user expe­ri­ence. So if you want to continue to use MT4Pro­fes­sional after 14 days no further actions are required, you'll be auto­mat­i­cally charged. Other­wise, if you want to stop using it and don't want to be charged, just unsub­scribe within the 14-day free trial peri­od.

Yes, the sensitive data does not pass through our servers at all, but are processed and stored directly by Stripe:

We use Stripe to process your subscription payments. Stripe is the best payment gateway for monthly subscrip­tions cases. That’s why we do not support ­Pay­Pal.