About us

Our story

Re­silient Traders, LLC is a group of like-­minded, MT4 traders who saw a need for enhanced features and function­al­ity beyond the standard MT4 platform. So, MT4Pro­fes­sional was born as an internal instru­ment for our own invest­ments. We are the first users of MT4Pro­fes­sional, and really love the advanced features and function­al­ity it adds to the MT4 platfor­m.

We realized MT4Pro­fes­sional because, as profes­sional traders, we looked for profes­sional scan­ners on MT4 but...
…we didn’t find any! The few we did find have some of the following issues: too complex to configure (high programming skills required), unstable, single tool not inte­grated with the entire system, incom­pat­ible with a lot of indica­tors, and lots of other issues…

We decided to create MT4Pro­fes­sional ourselves for our own daily trading. Now it is the #1 Market Scanner on MT4; a tool that allows you to instantly scan the entire market for setups that match your unique rules.

So all of MT4Pro­fes­sion­al's features are well tested and used by us at Resilient Traders, LLC for our own trading, and we think you too could benefit from using it as well. But it is not a complete sto­ry... as we find and get new ideas to improve it even more, we have the knowledge and expe­rience to provide updates and share the bene­fits with all who join our team.